Thursday, July 10, 2008


one week after, i'll be leaving and i felt like i've not done alot. like, stuff.

joe said it's normal and he felt the same way too. =D so yay! im not the only one.

not like im never coming back anyway =/ its just probably 6 months. heck, i've not seen some of my friends for 6 months too. no bigs.


cute? yes! they are macaroons, fake ones.

more cute desserts! fake of course! from q-pot by tadaaki wakamatsu.
i've been ooh aahing over them for ages and because of that ..

i discovered a cute toy AGAIN. it's more like an adult's toy because i bet kids would make a mess outta it. i'ts that messy heheh. =.=

it's called..... Decotti! by takara tomy.

it allows you to customize your own dessert accessory and its so cute la omg..><

just squeeze the "cream" and deco with the strawberries and diamontes and let it dry i think!

and get this!
i costs about rm100 per box i think.. since its around 2900yen. which is quite expensive. o.o. for a keychain!
no wonder i see so many of these stuff labelled "handmade" in poupee girls. cheh. they bought that macaroon keychain making kit.
i thought they crafted everything from scratch. i was so impressed at 1st and thought, " wahhh, those jap girls so geng"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

it's scary to see so many homogeneous office people walking about, crossing roads while clutching their wallets with their name tag swinging from their neck during lunch hour. i really hope i don't end up as one. and it's kinda silly to say that even.

i want to be in a place where i can just work at my own pace, and do things that i can pour my passion into.. and that's so difficult.

and i'm gonna do finance. this is so screwed up. haih..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

one plus one is..

there goes my rm200... spent on watching Beauty & the Beast musical with emma & XL. i think it's only worth rm150 because there was some glitches here and there. im an unhappy customer >=/

other than that, it was pretty good though. but who am i to judge because, er i only watched 2 musicals in my lifetime. >< and out of the 2 musicals, one of them is performed by my school. hoho.


went to bangsar AGAIN with hy and emma last week and i swear not to go there anymore till..well.till i come back because each time i go there, i'll miss a turn and i end up in somewhere else. screw the signboards!! my petrol arrrrr.

so to compensate for the loss of petrol, we ate banana leaf rice which doesn't come cheap too. cheaper than DELIcious tho. yes definitely. screw DELIcious!! screw everything!

this is bad, every single thing annoys the hell outta me these days. i get ragey and angry over the smallest things. bad bad bad..


just settled my tuition fees in Macquarie Uni. check.
other than that, blankss. i gotta progress!!

i wonder what's with me being last minute. 0.0

Monday, June 23, 2008

embrace youth

i thought once i remove my braces, people would start to take me more seriously..

Don't lie, with braces on, anyone would look immature! like my neighbour, mr.x who just became a dad and i looked at him with his braces on i thought "u? a dad??" 0_0

When i was inquiring about the poslaju services at the counter today, the lady just talked to me as though as i was too young and immature. in short, she wasn't taking me seriously -.- she looked like she wanted to laugh at me. >_>

i was just asking a question like any normal person would... sobs.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i had a b'day celebration last weekend at Nerovivo!

the place was so hidden, if Bijan wasn't next to it, nobody could've ever find it.

i hate celebrating my b'days because i usually get really nervous and frustrated. you'll be worrying about the guests and make sure they are not alone and make them mingle, worrying whether they can find the place, worrying about the food and worrying about practically everything and i thought it's my birthday.

i tried my best to make everyone feel comfortable, although im not sure whether it was working or not. i wished my highschool friends would try to talk to my college friends but as expected they did not. so the mingling part is def not working.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

how a sunday should be like

i was driving back home and i felt so so sleepy and comfortable because it was raining and the weather is just so shiok! and so happen my windscreen wipers are switched on, i felt like i was being hynotized.

Monday, June 16, 2008


So Tongue in Chic has this contest where you have to essemble an outfit using polyvore. and i want the rm20 voucher so bad so i could find an excuse to shop during the Urbanscapes event. *cross fingers* my outfit is kinda bland.. but i like it that whatever =P

i made another set few days ago in the morning.. i think im kinda addicted to polyvore.